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Description: The GO Term Finder Help Page at SGD gives the following description of the GO project:
The Gene Ontology (GO) project was established to provide a common language to describe aspects of a gene product's biology. A gene product's biology is represented by three independent structured, controlled vocabularies: molecular function, biological process and cellular component. For more information on GO, see the SGD GO Help page or the GO consortium home page.

To provide the most detailed information available, gene products are annotated to the most granular GO term(s) possible. For example, if a gene product is localized to the perinuclear space, it will be annotated to that specific term only and not the parent term nucleus. In this example the term perinuclear space is a child of nucleus. However, for many purposes, such as analyzing the results of microarray expression data, it is very useful to "calculate" on GO, moving up the GO tree from the specific terms used to annotate the genes in a list to find GO parent terms that the genes may have in common.

This GO Term Finder tool allows you to do this - It finds significant GO terms shared among a list of genes from your organism of choice, helping you discover what these genes may have in common (example results for SGD and a simple query list). To map granular GO annotations for genes in a list to more general terms binning them into broad categories, please use the GO Term Mapper tool.

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